my soul

Yes, I run, I run into this universe and cosmos together with everything, but everything is looking to enjoy yourself from your love, I rejoice with you love, you look on you, me I found much, you look up, because with you I want to enjoy the here and now where are my soul twin, my twin flame where you are, where you are my soul mate, where are my blue sphere, cosmic mirage where you are, where are you my perfect mate, where are you and my only great love of the sacred whole that is lowered? where are you my love?
stop billions of eyes are glued look at me, watching me and I coiled myself crying out, what name you crying out, where are you? I have appeared in pictures, I have appeared in words, I have appeared in revelations, but you’re always in my heart here on earth where you are my beloved wonderful it sacred?
Yes, I love you all, yes love you all but my soul cries shouted after him, my place is where you, where are you’re my life, my heart is where you, no one understands me, nobody knows why ie I mean, who call … you my love and eternal cosmic sphere you my whole, I love you with all the breath ~ i call you ♥
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