i love you in my way….immortal , is me

me? My heart beats in a quiet and gentle ticking
so delicate, that perception is a single
silent wonder, there?
Where am I? and what? Why observe? I still alive?
responds created all together
wind blow my hair
sun blinds my eyes
Water awakens me from eternal sleep
I love you show created by
that are beyond time, in this body
I hear voices, trembling and ratchet children
in singing birds singing their eternal love
life is all joy and wonder are you
you land you in my arms, dancing among the galaxies
and everything is on an axis …. a return on your axis aligning so loved the earth axis
I love to touch you, you love to whisper, I love to hear your voice, love to dress, I love you pet, love to hold your hand, love to receive morning sun in the window of my heart, love me sweet touch , I love to hold my hand, love to take me in your arms, I love you eat your juicy orange juice to my lips flow front, I love you kiss kiss, love us love to love in the cosmos … ocean waves throw me in flaring, but be careful …. I love it because i not know how to swim, I love to fly, I love you in my way … immortal , is me ♥ i love you

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