i am here now

I know you’re here

and yes

I like

and how do

How can I

Let me share


in writing

help me do it

and then

I understand

are here

To do this

I feel love and …

again and again

and I was overwhelmed

I said

Stop looking baby

For you in me

and just what I feel

I give you the path to be

I love you wherever you are

and whatever you choose to do

but because you feel this

I leave you to include

had to die so many times

I can be born again

My heart began to fly

works wonders

and synchronous

and I give the All


each particle

with every thought

and each expression

get out of all

and leave it to rise

by himself

and raise all

by me

of me

and allow the

that vision happen

to manifest

I came every

with a gift

I have a gift





rhythm of the universe

whispering heart

and flight


and High

dedication of any


works there …

to prove

the meaning of heart

it is

because it accounts for no one

do good, and then forget it

that you have made

extends a hand and raise

one apparently fell

you get up

embrace with full heart


and receives only

embrace the universe


looks sad eyes

and cheerful

and they quietly smile

but whisper I love you


by going

However, any

depletes not one

and it finds you

God we are giving

where they come from?

Of infinite

Where to go?

To infinity

But everywhere I walk

Wherever flight

In the heart of it all ..

I wear all

Because they are all

A small bulgaras

But Also

I miss all

Yes, right … all

I find it all

wondered the love of my

…. Are reconciled

I wear it in me

And it found in every man

Each play my love of

I play every safety and confidence of

I get these endless gifts

And thank you

I know that play, in turn I trust in him

I thought it fell

and we did fall

and more … while talking

with my soul

I raised my

take them right to be

should not be like

suffering in the identity that I created

be happy to be able to be

feeling and happiness …

carrying her fingerprint

in heart

I will give,

infinitely loving love

shaping and molding me through you

love and bliss ♥

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