the moment experienced its self

in the golden pyramid

silence is blends în bluish green

the flash is indigo what holds

the immortality

And the sarcophagus

It’s pure gold

In it I sit as if once

And I know

Follows the transcending

the initiation

the trip

to new dimensions

in infinite really

I traveled

really here and there

now i am where

is the moment

and pyramid

so the journey

of Traveler

And Pharaoh

is sits the silent

of the lost twilight

are found again

In the frenetic rhythm

of pulse and

in song

and beat, beat, uprising

In infinite whispers

and the waves


in the holiest deep true moment

what trickles from infinite …

I got it

I escaped

it the past return to present …

and again foretime ..

forgotten and is spread …

is twist pyramidal

includes sun and months

includes all what is ancestral

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  1. Beautiful words of eternal wisdom

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